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Music Monday

Archives: June 11, 2012 | Berkeley, CA

I was lucky enough to hear – no, wander around in – a performance of John Luther Adams‘ Inuksuit. The piece is written for 9 to 99 players, and like many of Adams’ works, was composed to be performed and experienced spatially. Players spread out across the performance area, the music itself is additive/reductive, and the listener gets to make a choice: do I sit, do I wander, or both?

I choose to wander. This choice, in addition to the very aleatoric nature of the music means no two performances could ever be alike, and recording is – even more than usual – a poor substitute for performance.

To get a better idea, here’s a short video. The audio I recorded has been edited for presentation. And the fife playing out front was an anttendee passing time before the performance, it is not part of the work. Inuksuit starts at roughly 40 seconds with the sounds of rubbing stones and other materials.

San Francisco Siren

Every Tuesday at noon San Francisco’s emergency sirens are tested. I captured this audio from my old rooftop in the Outer Sunset.