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We biked to view the total solar eclipse in Mulino, OR. Met these nice ladies who let us crash their viewing party on some side street. Sweet Cora played fetch with pinecones. About 45 miles round trip. Swam in the Willamette on the way home. Great day.

Maggie and Cooper in Folly Beach, SC.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

We have the best neighbors.

Oregon Pinot Camp 2017 | Argyle Tasting Room

Falls Creek, WA

Happy birthday Lizzie. Here’s to many more unflattering pictures and adventures.

With these kids, the future has a chance. #resist
Women’s March Porltand | 1/21/2017

Where were you on January 21, 2017? I was in the rain in the streets with a small woman stronger than any man I’ve ever met. #resist

Happy birthday to my sweet mom.

Lizzie knit me this amazing sweater so we had a very serious photo shoot to show it off. Also, it snowed 12″ in 12 hours or so. In Portland. WTF.

[photo by Lizzie]

Happy birthday dad. Here’s to countless more hikes.