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The Hilliard Ensemble performing Perotin’s polyphony while an immense backhoe with steel tracks rumbles down the street.


I work from home a lot, and often listen to long strecthes of wordless music. Vocal music is too distracting for me, but instrumental is welcome company. One of my all time favorite players is the surly yet nearly infallible Keith Jarrett. A curious thing happened the other day while listening to his 2002 Tokyo solo concert.

It’s like he stepped on an effects board, adding filters, delay, some stereo rotary effects. It was kinda out. And, it wasn’t real. It was YouTube or the Internet twisting the dials on me from behind the smoke and curtains. It was cool though. Stick with it and you’ll hear the signal right itself and the acoustic piano return. It’s worth it.

My favorite home aleotoric moment captured on tape is still a performance of Bach’s Violin Sonata #2 BWV 1003 + some car horn. Similar scenario to above. Working from home, listening to Rachel Podger play this work when a nearby car just had to sing along.