We moved in three weeks ago. After years of saving and almost a year of looking we bought a 107-year old house. The previous owner completely enclosed the back patio for her cats. Naturally, we call it the Catio. It’s part of what interested us in the house. We were excited for our Moose cat to be able to be outside, be curious and be safe. She only got the chance to use the Catio twice, but the last time she laid in the sun and smelled all the smells and watched the squirrels run around. I really think she liked it.

A week ago we made the essential but brutal decision to spare her any further suffering. She’s buried in the yard just outside her Catio and in the spring we’re going to plant a rose bush there and we’ll clip flowers and arrange them in a vase and say here’s Mooshu, she dropped by for a bit to add even more beauty to our lives.


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