For the second year running Mission Bicycle made an elaborate April Fools’ campaign. I proposed the idea of a hazard light system for bicycles, exactly like those found on cars. Those blinky red lights seem to confer superiority and impunity on all who push that little triangle button.

“No open parking spaces? No problem, just VIPark. Fire hydrant where you want to be? Just VIPark. When you’ve got coffee or dry cleaning to grab, or simply don’t feel like walking or observing the legal and social expectations of your community, simply VIPark.

VIPark – Because Your Shit Is Just More Important™

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.13.14 PM

VIPark is controlled with the free iOS app (Android coming soon). There’s even a stopwatch to let you know exactly how long you’re being inconsiderate and dangerous.


Go ahead, grab that Venti Mocha, you deserve it. VIPark has you covered. And don’t worry about those pesky cyclists, they see the lights, they’ll go around.”

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